Flood is driven by a haunting, yet progressive sound design with two main characters Spider Woman and Thunderbird. They act as vessels, composing and carrying the story of an Indigenous youth named Thunder, navigating her way through a colonial flood. Spider Woman battles against an old Ghost Judge who frenetically writes history from the side of oppression and displacement. The Ghost Judge fills the entire world with his writings and law.

Leaving the viewer to wonder who's truth is real? What tactics do we use to decolonize, fight back and move forward?  Flood is a hybrid of shadow puppetry, digital and stop-motion animation that spins the story truth vs deception.


Director:  Amanda Strong

Year:  2017

Animation Technique:  Shadow puppet and stop motion animation

Producer:  Amanda Strong and Dusty Hagerud

Funded by:  CBC Arts Original Series and National Film Board of Canada

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