Biidaaban (The Dawn Comes) Since time immemorial Indigenous people have harvested sap from trees to produce syrup a practice that continues today.  Two main characters Biidaaban, a young Indigenous gender fluid person and Sabe, a Sasquatch shape shifter set out to harvest sap from Sugar Maples in their urban environment and  private neighbourhoods of the city. Biidaabaan can see traces of time, people, creatures and land. By harvesting syrup in this way they are continuing of the work of their ancestors.


Ancestors and animals such as Ghost Caribou and Ghost Wolf are embedded within the landscape but only Biidaaban can see them.  These visuals reverberate throughout the work to draw from the past but what we see is steadfast in the present.

Director:  Amanda Strong

Year:  2017

Animation Technique:  Stop motion animation

Producer:  Amanda Strong

Funded by: Canada Council for the Arts, Creative BC, BC Arts Council, National Film Board of Canada, Technicolor, Grunt Gallery, Pacific Backlot, CBC Arts and Color Sound Lab

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