Spotted Fawn Productions (SFP) founded in 2010 incorporated in 2014 by Michif Owner/Director/Producer Amanda Strong. SFP is an Indigenous led production company that is creative, community oriented with a focus on illustration, stop motion, 2D, 3D and virtual reality animations.

Our mission is to provide mentor ship and training opportunities for emerging and diverse artists.  We do this by creating space for Indigenous people, women and non-binary individuals to engage in the many aspects of film, animation and production.  Together we create innovative, layered digital projects with compelling characters, art and stories.  Through acts of reclamation and collaboration we are telling our own stories, in our own voice, lifting up and empowering the future of Indigenous storytelling in film.


SFP works are celebrated globally in festivals, installations, Indigenous community presentations and have received numerous awards. Our work can be seen online, television, in festivals and in galleries and museums. Our production partners include: CBC, NFB, UBC Museum of Anthropology, Jane Goodall Foundation, XCompany, The National Screen Institute Sesqui and BC Hydro.

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